The Perspectives of a Songwriter

Think about it… For every weekly chart topper, there are 99 notable mentions (“top 100 songs”); for every top 100 weekly notables, there are likely 1000 new songs per week that are commercially released (albums or singles), and likely 10,000 new songs per week recorded as a demo in some basement or studio… And for every new song demoed in some basement or studio, there are likely hundreds of thousands penciled on paper or sketched out on some tape-recorder or digital device per week.

All told, millions, if not hundreds of millions of new songs are created by artists each year. What inspires the melodies, the chords, the personal stories, the perspectives, the experiences, the fictional tales, the emotions, the fears, the pains?

We often seek out, embrace, and celebrate the actor, the singer, the musician, and the dancer. For it is they with whom we identify and personify as they interpret and express the emotions of art before our eyes. At times they serve as symbols of love; at other times they serve as symbols for hate. They set our cultural trends for clothes; we see them on stage, on TV, study them at school, and read about them in newspapers, magazines, and social media. We seek to make connections – we want to relate to the characters they are portraying, or we seek to draw connections to their off-stage persona. The setting and imagery of a stage helps to convey our emotions. We love the angelic vulnerable protagonist, we loath the abrasive, self-serving antagonist, and we celebrate the celebrity. We come to learn about their personal journeys.

But who is a songwriter? Each songwriter has his/her own personal journey. Each songwriter expresses his/her personal journey through a melody and/or a lyric. Who is the songwriter? Who is the artist who lies behind the piano keys, guitar strings, pencil and paper?

I hope to use this blog to share my personal journey as a songwriter and would love to hear about yours. If you feel inspired, please post your stories…


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